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Welcome to Actual Aphrodite, where the journey to empower women through beauty and confidence begins. Founded by Brittany, a former makeup artist with a keen eye for enhancing women's unique features, our brand emerged from a desire to delve deeper into the realms of empowerment and self-expression.


Brittany's journey began in the world of beauty, where her talent as a makeup artist allowed her to witness the transformative power of enhancing confidence. However, it was her personal fascination with luxury lingerie that ignited a new passion within her. Recognizing the profound impact that beautiful lingerie had on her own confidence, she envisioned a brand that could offer women more than just lingerie—it could provide an experience that celebrated their individuality and empowered them to embrace their inner goddess.


This vision materialized into Actual Aphrodite, a brand dedicated to curating lingerie that goes beyond the surface, aiming to help women adorn their unique beauty, celebrate their bodies, and ignite their confidence. Our journey started with lingerie, where we set out to redefine the experience by combining Naked Elegance with Goddess Confidence. Two years later, we expanded our offerings to include swimwear, embracing the same principles that guided us in lingerie.


At Actual Aphrodite, we believe that confidence is a journey and beauty is a celebration. Join us in redefining what it means to feel like a goddess, and experiencing the transformative power of Actual Aphrodite Lingerie & Swimwear.


Actual Aphrodite Lingerie

Naked Elegance, Goddess Confidence

Join us in redefining what it means to feel like a goddess.

Actual Aphrodite SWIMWEAR

Our swimwear isn't just about making a splash; 

it's about leaving an impression. 


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